Will You Go All In for Love?

I woke up this morning with a powerful Rumi quote in my head. I am one who goes ALL IN for love. For my career. For my dreams. This has resulted in many broken hearts–both my own and others’–and many moments of falling flat on my face. Yes, gambling everything for love means you WILL fall. But, what is the other choice? To go into relationships, careers, and dreams half-assed, half-heartedly? To let fear of the past, fear of what others may think of you, dictate your every move in the precious NOW – which is all we really ever have anyway?

To live this one beautiful, precious life we have been given, and to not open our hearts to love–in all its beautiful forms–this, to me, is a tragedy. Falling on my face, getting my heart broken, risking the way others may see me–none of that is a tragedy. I have survived each and every one of those moments, and I am stronger because of them. Those moments mean I am alive. I am living. I am giving everything I have, everything I am, to the greatest power there is–Love. And I trust that Love has my back in the end. 

On my journey, I have all too frequently come across the half-heartedness of others. And I agree with Rumi on this one. If you’re not willing to put your heart out there, to risk it all for love, if you’re going in half-assed, what are you doing here? Is that why you came to this earth? The Love Warriors are here, living love, breathing love, risking everything they have for Love. You can join the Love Warriors, or you can continue knocking about, living half-assed lives, leaving your half-assery as a stain on others’ hearts.

At least when you go all in, you know you tried. You know you lived. 

Which path will you choose?

Juliette Sobanet
Juliette Sobanet is the Amazon bestselling author of All the Beautiful Bodies, Midnight Train to Paris, and thirteen other books. She is currently at work on her next (several) novels, while trying to keep her kittens Violet and Oliver off of the keyboard so she can actually write.

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