The Keeper of Time

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When photographer Sienna Cassidy thinks her adoring husband Ben is gone forever, she tempts fate with a drastic move. But when a mysterious visitor comes to her rescue, Sienna begins to experience love and time in ways she never thought possible. Suddenly Sienna’s distant future is much closer than she imagined, and a new life purpose unfolds. But will Sienna’s new time travel abilities implode on her and her new future before she can accomplish the one thing she came to this Earth to do?

inspiration for the keeper of time

One December night in 2020, I was alone in my apartment with my cat Charlie, when the words “The Keeper of Time” suddenly popped into my head. I knew instantly that this was a book title, and that I was going to write this book. But who was the Keeper of Time? And what on Earth was this book about?

The idea quickly formed. I knew the “Keeper” would be a literal keeper of time in the afterlife–a spiritual being who oversaw the timelines of humans on earth as they learned their lessons and worked toward their goals. The Keeper in my story would be watching over a woman named Sienna who could be a bit of a wildcard, meaning that she would often stray off course from what he’d initially plotted out in her timeline. I knew that Sienna would have a major life mission to accomplish–one that would be vital not only to her own life and to the lives of those she loved, but also to humanity as a whole. Which is why the Keeper would be so concerned with keeping her on track. 

I also knew I wanted to play with time travel in this novel, as I have loved writing my other time travel books. This time travel gets moving a little differently, however, in that Sienna gets to travel forward in time initially. These glimpses into her future are not at all part of the Keeper’s plans for her, and these future glimpses–or glitches, rather–have the potential to take Sienna very far off track. Which of course is where the fun begins!

I am extremely interested–read: obsessed–with learning about the afterlife and what happens after we die, and the idea of an actual keeper of our timeline has been incredibly fun to explore as I write this book! Who knows, perhaps the Keeper of my timeline in this lifetime is the one who placed the book title in my head so suddenly on that cold winter’s night…

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