One Night in Paris

From bestselling author Juliette Sobanet, One Night in Paris is a heartwarming and enchanting journey back to Jazz Age Paris…

When Manhattan attorney Ella Carlyle gets a call that her beloved grandmother is dying, she rushes to Paris to be by her side, against the wishes of her overbearing boyfriend. Ella would do anything for her grandmother and jumps at the chance to fulfill her dying wish. But things take a mystical turn when Ella is transported to a swinging Parisian jazz club full of alluring strangers…in the year 1927! As the clock runs out on her one night in the City of Lights, Ella will attempt to rewrite the past—and perhaps her own destiny as well.

♥ Buzz ♥

“One Night in Paris was a beautiful and magical short story.  We loved it!  We did not want the story to end. Juliette Sobanet does a wonderful job taking you through modern day Paris and the roaring 20s. You feel like you are actually there.  This book is full of adventure, love, hope and a little bit of magic….” ~Girliemom Review, 5 Stars

“I’ve visited the City of Lights and even for someone who has never been there, you can envision yourself in the locations brought to life in Juliette’s skilled narrative. What can I say about this short story other than c’est magnifique!” ~Melanie King, Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars