After the success of Juliette’s first novel, Sleeping with Paris, a Hollywood film producer and director team contacted her to get moving on taking Charlotte’s Paris adventures to the big screen. Under their direction, Juliette wrote the screenplay adaptation of the novel, transforming the story into an even sexier, wilder romp through Paris! Plans are currently in the works to bring Sleeping with Paris to the screen.

Juliette loved the screenwriting process so much that she is now collaborating with a Hollywood-based film director to write the screenplay adaptation of her latest thriller, All the Beautiful Bodies. All the Beautiful Bodies is the edgiest, darkest story Juliette has worked on to date, and the first book she has written under her real name of Danielle Porter. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to write the adaptation and take this captivating story to film.

For inquiries on Juliette’s screenplays, please contact Juliette here.

For inquiries on optioning Juliette’s books for film, please contact Juliette’s agent, Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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