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When photographer Sienna Cassidy thinks her adoring husband Ben is gone forever, she tempts fate with a drastic move. But when a mysterious visitor comes to her rescue, Sienna begins to experience love and time in ways she never thought possible. Suddenly Sienna’s distant future is much closer than she imagined, and a new life purpose unfolds. But will Sienna’s new time travel abilities implode on her and her new future before she can accomplish the one thing she came to this Earth to do?

New Release

Read the latest episodes on Kindle vella

Professional dancer Liv Pearson has finally realized her dream of gracing the New York stage with her passionate choreography. But on opening night, after being served with divorce papers and surviving a tense run-in with a past lover–all in front of her young daughter no less–the lingering headache Liv has been ignoring turns into something much more serious. As Liv straddles the thin line between life and death, she goes on a quest to reconcile the mistakes of the past before it’s too late.

Latest Thriller

Take a trip to the dark side of Paris

After surviving a brutal childhood, Paris-based writer Eve Winters has lived her entire adult life totally under the radar. That all changes one warm spring day when she releases an explicit memoir detailing her dangerous foray into the world of high-end prostitution, and her scandalous affair with a prominent married businessman. The morning of the release, Eve is set to land in New York for her glamorous book launch party…but there’s just one problem—she never boarded the plane.

Across the Atlantic, in a Park Avenue penthouse fit for a queen and her millionaire husband…

Acclaimed New York author, writing professor, and socialite Sophia Grayson is all set to attend the book release party of her former student, Eve Winters. Except…Eve never shows. When the news travels from Paris that the author has gone missing, Sophia spends the evening reading Eve’s shocking memoir. What she discovers in its pages turns her perfect Park Avenue façade upside down and sends her searching for the truth in the one city she’d sworn off forever, the city where she’d locked away her own sordid past and thrown away the key…Paris.

March Birthday Announcement!

Hello everyone! It’s my birthday today…I’m 41 – so wild! On this big 4-1 day, I’m so excited to announce that I am launching a Patreon site for my writing! If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a really cool site where you can support your favorite artists and creators in exchange for cool rewards.

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