Instructor Bio & Testimonials

Juliette Sobanet is the award-winning, bestselling author of five Paris-based romance and mystery novels, four short stories, a book of poetry, and most recently, her own Paris  memoir. Her books have hit the Top 100 Bestseller Lists on Amazon US, UK, France, and Germany, and her novels have been translated into Italian, Romanian, and Turkish, with more on the way. She has been writing professionally for over ten years and her books have reached over 450,000 readers. Juliette is now a blogger for The Huffington Post, and she is the host of an exciting new travel show called Secret Paris which takes her characters to hidden spots in the City of Light. Juliette’s work has been featured on Kindle Love Stories, USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog, and on the, where her novels were called “a perfect way to escape to a world far away from your own.” Later in her career, Amazon ran a feature story on how Juliette turned her publishing dreams into a reality on Amazon Success Stories. Juliette holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.A. from New York University in Paris, and she is represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Check out the full range of Juliette’s teaching and writing services on her website: Lessons With Juliette.

Why write with Juliette?

“I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I understand what it’s like to want to write so badly that you simply must get it out! I have never listened to naysayers, and instead have pursued my writing dreams with dedication, inspiration, and perseverance. I’ve had so many amazing writing teachers throughout my career, and I know it is my purpose to continue to spread the writing love. I look forward to helping you make your writing dreams come true!” ~Juliette


“Juliette is a wonderful teacher and mentor! I’ve loved to write my entire life; and I have notebooks upon notebooks of short essays, life experiences, quotes… pretty much anything that comes to mind! But when it came to writing a novel, although I had many ideas and life experiences to draw inspiration from, my writing was all over the place. With Juliette’s advice, I was able to give my writing more structure, pull my story together, and have it make more sense. Some concrete examples she gave me were to not narrate a character’s entire background at the beginning of the novel. Readers don’t need to know that yet. You do. You can gradually reveal facts as they become relevant to the story. Also, get readers hooked from the beginning by creating suspense! Make them want to keep turning the pages from the moment they start reading your story!

After speaking with Juliette, writing went from being a hobby and an emotional outlet, to being one of the top priorities in my life. She helped make my story go from “blah”, to “Wow! I’m so excited to keep writing and see where this story goes!”

I think it’s fantastic that she is so generous and so willing to help other aspiring writers to become better at what we love most. I am very much looking forward to her online lessons and suggestions!”~Alejandra R. – Writer

“Juliette Sobanet has the knowledge and expertise you’d expect in a professional writing mentor, but what makes her invaluable is her insight. She has the ability to look at a piece of my writing with more insight into what it’s really about than I have as the writer.  The result is that, although I’ve only been writing for a short time, under her guidance I am becoming the writer I’ve always wanted to be.” ~Erny R. – Screenwriter and Novelist