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Bonjour lovely readers! Thank you for stopping by my website. I write sassy Paris romances, spicy time travel mysteries, and most recently, my own juicy Paris memoir, under the name Juliette Sobanet. In my former life, I was a French professor, and since I absolutely adore France, that is where I send most of my characters. So far they haven’t complained to me about having to travel to the City of Love…or about the sexy heroes I create to keep them company.

I’ve been smitten with the beauty of France and the elegant French language since my very first trip to Paris at the age of fifteen. Since then, I’ve completed my B.A. in French at Georgetown University, my M.A. in French at New York University in France, and I’ve lived and studied in both Paris and Lyon. I’ve found so much inspiration strolling along those cobblestone streets, sharing wine with friends at sidewalk cafés, and devouring sinful French pastries, that I’m sure I will be writing about Paris for years to come.

I have written my own personal story of love and heartbreak in the City of Light in my recently released memoir, Meet Me in Paris. I have poured so much heart and soul into this story, and I am thrilled to share it with all of you.

Currently, I’m enjoying life in beautiful San Diego, where I’m writing, dancing, teaching French and yoga, and eating loads of chocolate as I chronicle my own person experiences with love and divorce on my blog Confessions of a Romance Novelist. I am also blogging for The Huffington Post under my real name, Danielle (gasp!).

In addition to my writing, I provide private consulting services to help both new and experienced writers get that novel or memoir off the ground. Read more about my services to find out how I can help you with your writing or check out the full range of my teaching and writing services on my website: Lessons With Juliette.

Learn more about how I turned my publishing dreams into a reality in my feature interview on Amazon Success Stories.

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I would love to hear from you!

♥ Juliette ♥


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