The Last Single Girl in Paris

Coming Spring 2020

Wherever Jade Valentine goes, trouble is never far behind…

Jade Valentine is a spicy sex columnist who bares it all in her popular weekly column, “Adventures with Dick and Jade.” But when all of the “Dicks” Jade has dated and written about so candidly unite to form a support group and write their side of the story, Jade’s coveted position writing for Bella Magazine is suddenly in jeopardy. In an effort to save her career and escape all of the Dicks Jade has left so jaded, she decides to pack up her satin sheets and take her adventures to the City of Love.

Goodbye Dick. Bonjour Jean!

Armed with two massive cats and two massive suitcases, Jade arrives in Paris, a hopeful américaine on a mission. With a stunning view of the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral from her new apartment window, gorgeous Frenchmen combing the cobblestoned streets below, and enough wine and decadent pastries to transform Jade from an average-sized American girl into a drunken éléphant, Jade is sure she’ll have all the inspiration she needs to keep her column going. But Jade’s rose-colored glasses wear off all too quickly when Notre Dame goes up in flames, right outside her bedroom window. And the flames don’t end there…

After Jade’s scalding start in the City of Light, her new dating life à la française is on fire…until, one by one, each of the Frenchmen she writes about in her column goes missing. Or falls incredibly ill. Or gets injured in a freak accident. Or worse, turns up dead. Now Jade isn’t only a sex columnist, she’s a suspect. And if she doesn’t want to end up as the next victime de l’amour, Jade must figure out what—or who—is behind the case of the missing, ill, injured, and dead “Jeans”…before it’s too late.

♥ Coming Spring 2020  ♥