There’s No Place Like Paris: A Memoir

♥ Coming 2020 ♥

Kindle ♦ Paperback

In this much-anticipated sequel to her tell-all memoir, Meet Me in Paris, bestselling author Juliette Sobanet bares it all and then some…

When romance novelist Juliette Sobanet decides to make her lifelong dream of moving to France a reality, she is certain that the romance she’s always dreamed of for herself is just around the next cobblestoned corner. After all, she’s spent years writing French fairy tales for her characters, so could it really be that hard to stumble upon her own sexy Luc (or Julien, or Antoine, or Édouard…) and live happily ever after while Monsieur Right gives her endless orgasms and feeds her chocolate in bed? And can she have all of that while still retaining the independence and inner joy she’s worked so hard to cultivate in her new single life? Armed with two massive cats and two massive suitcases, Juliette makes the voyage to the Land of Love, determined to find out. But what she discovers once the rose-colored glasses have worn off is not at all what she’d imagined…

As the only single girl for miles, Juliette experiences the ridiculousness of online dating à la française, she suffers losses she never saw coming, and she finds hope in the most surprising of places…not the least of which comes in the form of a flaky, buttery little slice of heaven called le pain au chocolat. With her characteristic humor, depth, and raw honesty, Juliette takes readers on a surprising journey that doesn’t end where you think it will, and that is always and only about one thing: love.

♥ Coming 2020  ♥

Kindle ♦ Paperback


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