Meet Me in Paris: A Memoir

One romance novelist’s quest to write her own happily ever after…

What does a romance novelist do when she loses her own happily ever after? Take a lover and travel to Paris, obviously. Or at least this is what Juliette Sobanet did upon making the bold, heart-wrenching decision to divorce the man she had loved since she was a teenager. This is the story of the passionate love affair that ensued during the most devastating year of Sobanet’s life and how her star-crossed romance in the City of Light led to her undoing. MEET ME IN PARIS is a raw, powerful take on divorce and the daring choices that followed such a monumental loss from the pen of a writer who’d always believed in happy endings…and who ultimately found the courage to write her own.

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“With extraordinary finesse, Juliette Sobanet writes a courageous story of the heart and a beautiful love letter to Paris.” ~ Adria J. Cimino, author of Amazon best-selling novel Paris, Rue des Martyrs

 “Unflinchingly honest and written from the heart. Meet Me in Paris is a candid account of one woman’s passionate affair with Paris, and the men in her life.” ~ Jan Moran, author of The Winemakers

“This memoir, from one of my favourite romance authors, is the true tale of a hopeless romantic addicted to writing, travel and France who found herself in a marriage where she had to be someone she wasn’t for everyday life to tick over nicely, despite loving a husband who also loved her. One day she spread her wings, took off to experience freedom and to find the passion she could only write about, divorcing her husband and having an affair that gave her great highs but deep lows too…Ultimately this book is a journey of discovery and recovery…I can’t help but feel privileged she has shared her real life with her readers.” ~ Jacqueline Brown at French Village Diaries, 5 Stars