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One scandalous night in Hollywood…

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In their efforts to start a family, talented DC photographer Natasha Taylor and her professor husband have plunged headfirst into the stressful world of fertility treatments, scheduled sex, and IVF-induced debt. When an opportunity arises to sell a gallery left to Natasha by her late mother, Natasha hopes the sale could dig the couple out of financial ruin, give them one last shot at a baby, and save their crumbling marriage.

But when her husband walks out on her and doesn’t show up to her most important exhibit, an intense encounter with the alluring Nicholas Reyes—a once-famous photographer turned investor—leaves Natasha questioning everything she believed she wanted for her life. Read more

Surf, sun, and one sexy yoga instructor…

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Confessions San Diego 600 wide 72 dpi

Liz Valentine’s intense career as a covert officer for the CIA has made it nearly impossible for her to keep a man around. Liz’s non-existent love life only becomes more hopeless when her long-time partner—the man she has been in love with for years—is killed on their latest mission overseas. What’s worse is that Liz blames herself for his untimely death.

In an attempt to get her head on straight, Liz jets out to San Diego to attend a yoga retreat at her sister’s new studio. Read more


Both West Coast Confessions in one volume!Confessions of a City Girl Boxed Set


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Confessions of a City Girl: Los Angeles


Confessions of a City Girl: San Diego

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When Mr. Right has been right underneath your nose all along…

Confessions DC 600 wide 72dpi

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When famous romance novelist Violet Bell returns to her DC alma mater to speak to the senior class about her glamorous life ten years after graduation, the last thing anyone expects to hear is…the truth. But after a devastating divorce and way too many missed writing deadlines have left her scrambling for both money and her sanity, not even a healthy dose of Xanax can stop the humiliating meltdown she has on stage.

As soon as her shocking anti-love diatribes go viral, Violet’s once lustrous career writing happily-ever-afters becomes a distant memory. With nowhere else to turn, Violet finds solace at the home of her closest friend from college, Aaron Wright. Read more…


Because Paris is always a good idea…

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From bestselling author Juliette Sobanet, a charming and poignant short story that will take you on a heartwarming journey through the City of Light…

Overworked talk show assistant Olivia Banks sets off on a one-day adventure in Paris to fulfill the dreams she and her sister once had as little girls, and ends up finding herself…and love…along the way.


Both Washington D.C. & Paris Confessions in one spicy volume!

Confessions Box set 3-4 600w 300dpi

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Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C.


Confessions of a City Girl: Paris

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All Four Spicy Confessions in One Volume!


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